The Pricing Challenge

We’d like to tell a quick story. It won’t take long and should help to clear up some misconceptions you may have about why barndominium  costs can sometimes vary quite a bit — and what you can do to make them go down — or up.

Here’s the story

  • We built two 2,500 sq. ft. Barndominiums for two different customers.
  •  Same floor plan.
  • One ended up costing $128 sq. ft.
  • The other one cost $250 sq. ft
  • What was the difference?
  • One was satisfied with the standard items that come with every Texas Barndominium we build (see the list below.)
  • The other buyer really wanted more — of everything — including very expensive hand-chiseled sinks throughout the living area.
  • Both were equally happy on move-in day.

So let’s get started

We want every customer to get the dream barndo they have in mind. And to do that, we go through a very specific process that eventually gives you a set of custom plans

  • Since these are custom homes, you get to select everything.
  • And whatever extra items you add will determine your final cost.

Living Area Average Prices —$130- $150 per Sq Ft
Shop Average Prices — $50-$55 per Sq Ft
Parking Area Prices (Under Roof) — Start at $42 per Sq Ft
Porch Prices — Start at $42 per Sq Ft

We are one of the best full turnkey builders in the industry

Our Barndominiums come standard with:

  • Engineered monolithic concrete foundations
  • American made steel
  • Fully welded metal building frame
  • 26 gauge steel on roof and walls
  • 8″ perimeter walls
  • Foam insulation
  • Sound insulation on interior walls
  • PEX plumbing
  • Vinyl windows
  • 5/8 drywall throughout
  • Custom cabinets
  • Granite countertops
  • High efficiency dual speed HVAC systems with variable speed air handlers
  • Solid core interior doors
  • Stained concrete floors sealed with high solids Polyurethane sealers
  • Heat pumps
  • WiFi thermostats with humidity control


  • We use engineered concrete foundations on all of our Barndominiums.
    • We take soil samples so that our engineers can design a concrete foundation to work with your soil conditions.
  • Texas Barndominiums main structures are built with welded steel.

Continuous Roof


  • We provide a continuous roof that eliminates the need for a ridge cap
    • This makes for an efficient, strong, and leak resistant roof.
  • We use open cell foam insulation in living areas
    • We spray 4” on the walls and 5.5” on the underside of the roof.
  • We use closed cell foam insulation in shop areas
    • In shops, we spray 2” on the walls and underside of the roof. If insulation will be exposed, it can be painted any color you choose.

Stained Concrete Floors


  • Our stained concrete floors are sealed with two coats of polyurethane for maximum protection and scratch resistance.
    • Various stain colors are available.
  • We provide quality hardwood cabinets in the kitchen and bath
  • And we offer your choice of laminate, granite, quartz, marble, butcher block counter tops, and more.

Vinyl Double Pane Windows


  • We use Simonton vinyl windows that are double pane with ProSolar E3 glass for maximum
  • In addition, recessed LED lights are standard.
  • 9’ ceilings are the most common, but taller ceilings with different features are available as well
  • And, we provide continuous guttering all the way around your new barndo
  • Finally, barndominium porches, carports, and breezeways come standard with metal soffits.

What’s the bottom line?

Every barndominium we build is first class. From the least expensive to the most expensive.

And it all starts with a plan.

Visit our Plans page where you can start the process by choosing from among two dozen basic plans. Or drop by our partner, Pristine Plans, website. They have many more.

After you meet with one of their custom design specialists, you’ll have actual blueprints for the exact barndo you have in mind.

And, we’ll be able to give you a total turnkey cost that we guarantee, if no changes are made before or during the building process.

We look forward to building your Forever Home!

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