Barndominium Kits Texas: Who Has the Best?

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The great state of Texas is well known for being bigger and better at — well, just about everything. So, it’s not surprising that a series of questions has arisen lately in Internet discussion threads around this topic:

“Who makes the best barndominium kits in Texas?” We compare the six leading builders of totally DIY barndominium kits in Texas. And we also look at  the 11 most prominent “turnkey” builders to see who offered the most value. Texas Barndominiums emerged on top with a kit package starting at just $38 sq.ft. including slab, exterior doors and unlimited windows – plus the shell. Final quote depends on size.

We also reveal which ones give you the most kit for your money — from surprisingly sophisticated small shells you can build in a single day to those that are completely finished out onsite by the builder or other construction professionals.

And, we’ll touch on how to compare barndominium kit builders and how to determine what you get — and don’t get — when buying a kit.

In addition, much of the discussion in this article also critically examines the assumption that you can save money by building your own barndo or cabin by yourself or as an “owner-builder.”. We’re not saying you can’t, but we’re going to give you some resourceful information on how to decide which route might be best for you — DIY or turnkey.

Finally, along those same lines, we’ll look at:

  • When it’s probably safe to try a homebuilding project yourself — and when to seek help. And,
  • How to effectively act as an owner/builder.

Read on to discover how you might build — or have built for you — the barndominium of your dreams at the very best price.

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